Asbestos and Environmental Recruitment

We recruit in Asbestos, Occupational Hygiene, Water and Fire in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We are always looking for skilled individuals

2G Recruitment specialises in Asbestos and Environmental Recruitment in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Asbestos Jobs

  • Asbestos Laboratory Analysts / Managers.  BOHS P401 or RSPH qualified.
  • Asbestos Analysts / Surveyors.  BOHS P402, P403, P404 or RSPH qualified.
  • Asbestos Project Managers / Senior Consultants.  BOHS P401-P405 / CCP / CoCA or RSPH qualified.
  • Asbestos Operations Managers / Directors.  BOHS CCP / CoCA or RSPH qualified.
  • Asbestos Quality / Technical Managers / Auditors.  BOHS CCP / CoCA or RSPH qualified.
  • Asbestos Sales Roles / Business Development Managers.
  • Asbestos Removal / Contract Managers.

Occupational Hygiene Jobs

  • Occupational Hygienists at all levels.  BOHS qualified.

Water & Fire Jobs

  • Water Hygiene / Legionella Risk Assessors / Consultants.
  • Fire Risk Consultants.

We have many qualified and experienced candidates and are attracting new ones every day.

  • Asbestos Laboratory Analysts & Managers
  • Asbestos Analysts & Surveyors
  • Asbestos Project Managers & Senior Consultants
  • Asbestos Operations Managers & Directors
  • Asbestos Quality, Technical Managers & Auditors
  • Asbestos Sales & Business Development Managers
  • Asbestos Removal / Contract Managers.
  • Occupational Hygienists at all levels
  • Water Hygiene, Legionella Risk Assessors & Consultants
  • Fire Risk Consultants

Latest Jobs

Our latest jobs are only a selection of what we are working on so please get in touch with your specific requirements.

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We have a wealth of knowledge and connections within the asbestos, occupational hygiene, water & fire industries.  Let us find the perfect job for you.

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Asbestos Technical Manager

“Really took the time to get to know me and provided a much more personal service.”


Projects Coordinator

“2G Recruitment got me my current job here in Australia which, so far, has been the best career decision I’ve ever made!”


Asbestos Analyst

“I thank him very much for the work he did for me and would definitely endorse his service.”


Operations Manager

“Continued to give the support and confidence I needed to make the move to New Zealand.”


Associate Director

“A trusted recruitment company who is used at all levels of the business to provide a consistent and reliable service.”


General Manager

“Has provided us with quality, experienced staff for our consulting business in Australia.  Our company does not usually use recruiters, but we use Gavin!”


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