Interview Tips

2G Recruitment specialises in Asbestos and Environmental recruitment in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.



Find out how long the company has been established, their core markets, their size, locations, etc. All this information will be available from their website and / or speak to us. Always take along spare copies of your CV, evidence of your key qualifications and any additional information you think may help or impress. Compose some relevant questions and write these down if necessary.


Ensure you have full details of the company – address inc. postcode (for sat nav), a map, contact numbers and the interviewer’s full name and title.  Print off or retain a copy of your interview confirmation sent by us. It may also be prudent to find out about availability of car parking or security procedures. Don’t assume anything or leave anything until the last minute.


Make sure your clothing – including shoes – are prepared the night before. Dress smartly, make sure top buttons are done up and treat the meeting as a formal one irrespective of the dress code or venue. It is better to be over than under dressed. Personal hygiene is important – don’t smoke or eat/drink strong foods beforehand. A mint or chewing gum is a good idea but remember to discard before the interview or you will end up with a piece of gum stuck to one of your molars for the duration of the meeting as once happened to me!


Make sure you know exactly where you are going and how long it will take. Remember to make adjustments for the time of day, traffic congestion, etc and it may be a good idea to check traffic reports before you set off. Allow yourself plenty of time and aim to arrive at least 10/15 minutes early. If you do experience any genuine difficulty or are running overly early/late, please call us for further assistance.  Remember to turn off your mobile phone before the interview.




Be courteous and purposeful. Thank the interviewer for their time and make initial rapport with a firm handshake and good eye contact.  Stay calm and relaxed but avoid complacency or over-familiarity.



Be concise and clear with your answers, always answer positively but honestly. Never respond with yes or no answers, always elaborate and offer relevant examples to back up any statements but do not ramble or digress from the point. Avoid interrupting your interviewer and, if more than one interviewer is present, be sure to address all parties equally.


Pay full attention to your interviewer, listen carefully to their questions and remain focussed.


Don’t attempt to ‘close’ the interview, unless appropriate, or come across as pushy or over-confident. Ask any questions or specific points you would like to raise. When leaving, thank your interviewer for their time, shake their hand and leave on a positive note.  The subject of salary can be discussed but only when prompted by the interviewer.



Contact us at your earliest convenient to offer your feedback whilst the interview is still fresh in your mind. Clarify any specific points or ask any additional questions that have come to mind since the meeting. We will relay your comments to the Client, pass their feedback onto yourself and keep you informed of progress.

If you have any questions, need some advice or are unsure about anything, then please do not hesitate to speak to us prior to your interview.

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