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To work in Australia or New Zealand you will need a visa…

The most common working visa is an Employer Sponsored Visa where an individual is sponsored by an employer in a permanent job. This visa typically lasts for up to four years and your professional, academic and medical history will be taken into account when applying.

Some financial assistance may be offered by an employer but it is not a condition of any visa so it is anticipated that an applicant has sufficient funds to assist their relocation. It is also important to note that the Employer Sponsored Visa is potentially the one most subject to governmental change and restriction.

Working Holiday Visa

Another possibility may be a Working Holiday Visa which is a temporary visa where age and other restrictions apply. We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals currently undertaking or planning a holiday / working holiday to Australia or New Zealand. Many individuals secure long-term employment, and sponsorship, whilst visiting on a Working Holiday Visa.

There are also a number of other visa options for fiancés, partners, children, parents and other family relations of citizens and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand.

The following websites may also be useful:

Australian Immigration

Find information on visiting, working and studying in Australia, returning to live in Australia and Australian citizenship. Whatever your reason for coming to Australia, you will need a valid Australian visa.

New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Immigration work with international organisations and industry partners to improve border security and make immigration easier. They lead government strategy designed to help migrants settle in New Zealand.