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2G Recruitment specialises in Asbestos and Environmental recruitment in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

It is advisable that you conduct thorough research relating to Australia and New Zealand (locations, cost of living, etc) before contacting us.  Please find below a number of websites which may help you:


Moving to Australia?  Where are you going to live?  What’s life in Australia really like?  What do houses cost? Groceries? The cost of living?  Ask Bob all these questions and more….

A light-hearted look into the trials and tribulations of moving from the UK to Australia from someone who has got the t-shirt!  Lots of sensible, practical advice written in a friendly and approachable way.  Great blog and free downloads including ’20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia’.

An excellent information source and popular forum covering all manner of subjects from renting houses to transporting pets and everything in between!

If you are interested in knowing what the weather, average sunshine, rainfall, etc in the different States and cities across Australia then click the links below:

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control

Includes information on how to apply for visitor visas, bridging visas and transit visas and what you can bring into Australia.

The Australian Tourist Commission

Get started on planning your Australian holiday by looking at these popular places

Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology

This page provides a summary of the valid weather warnings issued in each State.

Useful websites and resources on Australia from Tripadvisor:


New Zealand Immigration work with international organisations and industry partners to improve border security and make immigration easier.

They lead government strategy designed to help migrants settle in New Zealand.

Useful websites and resources on New Zealand Travel:

The New Zealand Tourist Commission

Here is the starting point for all your New Zealand travel needs

Tripadvisor: New Zealand

Here are a few links to a variety of information of interest to some tourists and visitors.

We hope these websites give you a flavour of what is available but please contact us if we can be of further assistance.